Germination Trays


4 Layers Sprout Trays with Extra Strength Plastic Shelf Soil-Free Healthy Wheatgrass Seeds Grower & Storage Trays for Garden Home Office

  • [Durable & Stable]:The shelf is made of extra strength plastic tubes which connected firmly by the matching connectors
  • [Healthy & Green]:Sprouting without soil or chemical additives.Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches and soups
  • [Multifunction]:Both seed sprouter and storage tray.You can easily sprout various of seeds,soya bean,mung bean,peanut,black bean,wheat etc
  • [Densely Small Hole]:even small mung beans can’t trickle out.Take root easily.High budding rate
  • [Easy to Install]:can be freely combined.4 layers planter trays and shelf are combined together,saving your time to sprout various of seed and saving your space



Tray Material:Good grade PP
Shelf Material:Extra Strength Plastic
Tray Size:13.4×9.84×1.8in/34x25x4.5cm(LxWxH)
Shelf Size:13.4x11x29.5in/34x28x75(LxWxH)

Package include:
4x Tray
1x Plastic Shelf

How to sprout?
1.Pick out the good seeds and put them in the tray.Soak the seeds in water.
2.After soaking,put the seeds on the grid tray evenly.Don’t stack them.
3.If the trays without lid,cover the tray with paper or cotton gauze.
4.Add water into the container,cover the tray with lid,sprinkle water for 2~4 time every day to keep wet.
5.When the buds grow to 1cm height,open the cover.sprinkle water for 3~5 time every day.
6.The seeds germination time is different.Most are 3~5 days,some are5~10 days.Before harvesting,put them in sunlight for 2~3 hours to ncreased chlorophyll


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