10 Fresh Herbs and How To Use Them

by Mary

You know of the health benefits of herbs. But do you know you can grow your own herbs in the kitchen and thus you can cook, store, and choose herbs for the best occasion? Below are some fresh herbs and their uses:

Fresh Herbs And Their Uses

Some of these fresh herbs could be in your refrigerator. You can get others from the market!

  1. Basil
    This herb has a great flavor. It can give a nice taste to your pizza. Basil can be good for kidney problems. Basil is common in the kitchens of the USA. However, it is known around the world. People from Southeast Asia use it in the curry. It gives a great flavor and is thus widely used.
  2. Oregano
    You wander in the market looking for the fresh oregano as it is a little tough to find it easily. However, you would know the dried oregano which is commonly used and is easily available. It is important to keep in mind that the dried oregano has a strong flavor thus; use it with caution while cooking.
  3. Cilantro
    It is common in Asian households. Not everyone is a huge fan of cilantro. For some people, the taste of cilantro is an exception, while for others, they don’t prefer it. You get the coriander seeds from the plant of cilantro.
  4. Mint
    You would know this flavor since it is common. You get mint-flavored gums and there are some amazing mint-flavored drinks. It is used in Thai food and also in the dishes of the Middle East. If you like the flavor, you might have tried the mint chocolate.

  5. Rosemary
    This herb is unique in appearance. You can find it on woody stems. It appears like needles. The best part is that you can use both the needles and the woody stems for cooking purposes. If you are a vegetarian trying using it with the potatoes.
  6. Thyme
    Thyme is a renowned herb. You can use it in pasta and pizza for an enhanced flavor. There are many varieties of thyme available. It is common in the European kitchen. You need not go through any hassle when using this herb as it is already small.
  7. Parsley
    You might already have this common herb in your kitchen. If the parsley is flat-leaved, you can use it for cooking. However, if it is curly in appearance, then it would be great for garnishing. It can give a good flavor to your food and would make it appear appealing to the eyes.
  8. Dill
    There is an interesting association that you might have heard with this herb. It was believed that Dill can provide you protection against witches; interesting, right? However, this herb can give a good flavor to your salmon and various other food items including cottage cheese.
  9. Chives
    If you are planning to bake potatoes, it would be a good idea to use chives on them. However, when you plan on using chives, make sure you are not heating these too much. Obviously, you don’t want to lose the flavor!
  10. Sage
    This herb has a little touch of mint. If you enjoy mint, you might like sage too. But there is no compulsion! It would taste good with cheese and cream. Consider trying it if you haven’t yet and are looking for a new herb to try for.

Final Words

There is a huge variety of fresh herbs available for you to enjoy. Get your hands on the fresh herbs in the market. If you can, try growing it in your kitchen or garden.