The Best Place To Buy Mushrooms Online

by Sandra

Do you have a hankering for the best mushrooms but feel unsure where to find reputable medicinal mushrooms online?

Considering the myriad of vendors in Canada and the United States, that’s not surprising.

There are many companies selling shrooms online, all claiming to have products that are magical, but how do you know whether you’ve found the cream of the crop? Our experts compiled a list of the top three online sellers for medicinal mushrooms.

Why Take Medicinal Mushrooms?

Magical cures aren’t real, but medicinal mushrooms prove useful as a supplement for boosting immunity, improving focus and cognitive function, and preventing oxidative damage. The benefits differ widely depending on the species (there are 38,000!), but this only makes the field more exciting.
There’s a phenomenal range of choices with impressive names and equally remarkable effects. Lion’s mane, for example, boosts brain function, and Cordyceps improve athletic performance and stamina.

The Top 3 Medicinal Mushrooms Sellers In Canada

If you need some direction to buy mushrooms online, these three sellers are an ideal choice for Canadian shrooms:

Four Sigmatic

An innovative Canadian brand with much to offer, Four Sigmatic approaches supplements differently. Instead of providing a capsule, it has created a range of coffees, teas, and other beverages, all containing medicinal mushrooms. You won’t taste a difference, but you will receive the full benefits in a refreshing package.
Four Sigmatic has three ranges:
• Think: Featuring Lion’s Mane mushrooms, this range promotes mental focus throughout the day. Some Think products also contain Rhodiola and Vitamin B12, and the Focus Blend is the range’s premium choice.
• Defend: The Defend range contains Chaga and other medicinal mushrooms to boost immunity. It includes protein powders, teas, coffees, and peanut butter without fillers, gum, soy, or stevia additives.
• Chill: A sleep aid with a twist, Chill contains Reishi mushrooms to help you sleep and stay calm. The range consists of a no-caffeine latte, cocoa, and tea.

Harmonic Arts

If you find good health magical, then you’ll like the Harmonic Arts concept. The online seller also uses a powdered format.
The concentrated powder provides a generous dose of nutrients that you may add to coffee, a smoothie, or other drink. You’ll also find tinctures and teas for each of the single mushrooms.
• 5 Mushroom Blend: A fusion of Reishi, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga for improved immunity and gut health.
• Chaga: Heals the digestive tract and boosts immunity.
• Reishi: Revitalizes the body and mitigates stress effects.
• Lion’s Mane: Memory, focus, and nervous system support.
• Cordyceps: Adrenal support, energy, and stamina.
• Turkey Tail: Immune support and gut health.

Host Defense

Our final recommendation for medicinal mushrooms online is Host Defense. It provides several delivery methods if you’re looking for variety when you buy mushrooms online:• Capsules: A convenient alternative to coffees and powders.
• Powders: For a daily shroom dose in hot or cold drinks.
• Sprays: The flavoured sprays deliver fast results with a quick spritz on the tongue.
• Extracts: Also added to hot or cold drinks for rapid absorption.
• Syrups: Mixed into an Elderberry syrup, the mushroom extract is a potent immune booster.
• Teas: A relaxing herbal brew at any time of day.
• Chocolate: For a scandalously delicious way to enjoy the mushroom supplement.

Side Effects

Most people benefit from a high-quality supplement, and mushrooms are reasonably safe. There may be severe interactions with prescription medicines, however.

If you’re on chronic medication, you should speak to your health care practitioner about possible interactions before you buy mushrooms online.
• Reishi thins blood: Take care if you have a low platelet count, or take blood thinners, aspirin, or NSAIDs.
• Diabetes, low blood pressure, or immune disorders: Speak to your physician about interactions with your current medication before consuming any mushrooms.
• Pregnancy and Lactation: There isn’t conclusive information about safety for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers for these products.


What Are Medicinal Mushrooms?

These versatile food items are a type of fungi. Safe species show an abundance of beneficial properties in treating illness and promoting general health.

Unlike “magic” mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms don’t have mind-altering properties and tend to be high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Medicinal mushrooms are also a natural source of antibiotics.

How do I use medicinal mushrooms?

For the full benefits, it’s best to take medicinal mushrooms in a powder or liquid.
Raw mushrooms aren’t as effective as a supplement. You’d have to eat a large amount to ingest the same dose as a concentrate. Without pretreatment, the cellular walls of the fungus also inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

Which is the best type of shroom?

The choice depends on why you’re taking it.

Reishi is a popular choice for naturopaths because of its versatility. On the downside, studies link regular intake of this type with liver disease. If you’re on prescription medication, consult your doctor before taking any medicinal supplements.

Can you overdose on mushrooms?

The concentrates are relatively new, so the long-term effects are vague. Reishi was singled out as potentially dangerous for people with certain chronic conditions, but it is still an area of discovery for supplement developers.
It’s best to use the minimum recommended dosage to avoid toxicity and break from herbal products periodically.

Are mushrooms safe for pets?

It is usually safe for healthy dogs to eat in small doses but check with your vet before you buy mushrooms online. Stick to Reishi to boost your dog’s wellness—the dosage works on body weight.
Will you get “high” on shrooms?
No. Medicinal mushrooms have no psychedelic agents—they only facilitate magical health benefits.
Can medicinal mushrooms reverse the signs of ageing?
No, but it does present benefits. For example, the high antioxidant content should slow ageing by preventing free radical damage.

Do shrooms cause digestive upsets?

Yes and no. People react differently to various formulations. It’s normal to experience constipation and digestive upsets initially, subsiding with a week.
Reishi deserves mention for its common diarrhea effects, so it is best to experiment with several types until you find a perfect match. Formulas that contain Chaga relieve this side effect, as does reducing the dose.
Buy Mushrooms Online: The Best In Canada
Medicinal mushrooms are a popular new supplement widely available in Canada, and the health benefits are significant. If you want to buy mushrooms online, we recommend that you stick to Four Sigmatic, Harmonic Arts, or Host Defense for reputable and high-quality products.

Remember to check with a medical professional before taking any herbal supplements to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Otherwise, you may just find these mushrooms a magical health solution.